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How To Make Eevee Happy

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How to Get Eevee to Evolve to Either Espeon or Umbreon. Check which Generation your game belongs to for the correct instructions. Espeon and Umbreon are not available …

Their all so serious, and then there’s tiny eevee and happy-go-lucky leafeon. And lastly, there’s umbreon who’s all like I’m better than you all, fear me.

How & Where to catch/get: EASILY evolve Eevee into Espeon/Umbreon in Pokemon X and YPaperpokés – Pokémon Papercraft: EEVEE – Anna Fawkes said… So far i have made Magnemite, Luvdisc, chibi Leafeon, Chibi Vulpix, and this eevee. THIS WAS THE HARDEST BUT THE MOST WORTH IT!!!

Quiz to find out which Eeveelution, or Eevee Evolution you are. Eevee is included. As is Glaceon and Leafon. Answers may not relate to the Pokemon you think they do.

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